Friday, September 17, 2010

Don't Move the Mosque!

More and more people are continuing to talk of a compromise to move the mosque near ground zero, because it wouldn't be respectful of the 9/11 victims. That is a horrble excuse meaning that 9/11 was caused by all muslims meaning that they must all be punished. Moving this mosque would be saying it is okay to treat all muslims as people who support terrorist. If we lable no mosque near ground zero what else is next. No church in san fransico because it might offend the gay community, No church in any city with victim of an assauleted person by the church's preist because it might offend the victims, No German people in a city that has jewish people living because it might offend jewish people and no British people in the US because it is offensive to those who fought for the independance of the U.S. The fact is that it's seen okay by some to be prejudice against muslims. Being prejudice to anyone no matter who should always be seen as wrong.


  1. Would you please stop calling it a mosque. It's a community center that happens to have a mosque in it.

  2. Your right. The fact is that it is a community center that anyone can join no matter of what faith you believe in.


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