Thursday, September 09, 2010

Gun Registry Loser

According to Robert Silver, the Conservatives could actually be the real losers if the long gun registry is dismantled. His argument is that this is one of the issues that bring in a lot of money for the Tories. If this bill passes, the donors will not feel pressed to give so much money. This could make for a weaker Conservative Party. However, I hope this bill does not pass. The long gun registry is an important part of saving lives. We must keep it.
There has been much ink spilled over the last month, while I was away on special assignment for Silver-Powers, about the conundrum that Jack Layton finds himself in over the gun registry. If, as expected, the Liberal caucus votes unanimously against the "private member's bill" currently before the House (which might as well be a government bill) and Stephen Harper's caucus votes unanimously to gut it, the vote will come down to a divided NDP caucus.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.

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