Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Town Hall Sum-Up

Yesterday, I attended the first of the Open Mike town hall meetings with uncensored, unscripted questions posed to Michael Ignatieff, MP Marlene Jennings, and candidate for Outremont, Martin Cauchon. Ignatieff responded very honestly to all the questions, very direct answers. He didn't seem to dodge any of the questions. My opinion of him as a leader and as a person had improved over the summer, but this was amazing! He is a great honest guy, and he is going to lead us to victory in the next election. Upcoming Open Mike town halls are in Winnepeg on October 7, and in Toronto on October 13.
This summer, Michael Ignatieff travelled over 57 000 kilometres — visiting every province and territory — on the Liberal Express.
Now the Liberal Leader, along with MPs, Senators and candidates is continuing to listen to Canadians at “Open mike” town halls across the country, leaving the microphone open so Canadians like you can share your views and ask questions on the issues you care about. Ready to take questions from audience members both live and online, Michael Ignatieff is waiting to hear from you.
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  1. "....he is going to lead us to victory in the next election.


  2. You're right: what he should've said is, "Harper and his bunch are going to mislead us to their own defeat."

  3. Unless it does not like what it hears, like the Gun Registry feedback from constituents. Than Liberals will resort to wedge politics and criminalize law abiding gun owners again?

  4. Why do you con-bots keep darkening lib blogs' doors, anyway? Do you crash weddings, bar mitvahs, and funerals, too? Losers.

  5. Anonymous I am sick of the term "con-bots" or "con-trolls" being used so often. I think a blog is a place for conversation and debate. That is why it is on the internet for the world to see not just one part of the world that agrees with me.

  6. ...even when they _are_ an ardent Cons. who goes around heckling the opposition's sites and yet protests that they should hunt down Libs who do that on theirs?

    "CanadianSense said...

    When identifying a Liberal Troll you should post city, or their I.P. so other Tory Bloggers can look at their logs for a pattern...."


  7. Anon,

    You forgot to include the context of my post
    When identifying a Liberal Troll you should post city, or their I.P. so other Tory Bloggers can look at their logs for a pattern.

    I think they are a demoralized and fading force.

    I have this groupie from Winnipeg visits my blog 20x a day.

    (The person would try different names but same IP)
    I have a blog and don't resort to different aliases to debate ideas.

    I disagree with town halls if they are used for photo-ops.

    Both Layton and Ignatieff made a tactical mistake whipping or twisting their MPs voting for the Holland motion killing the LGR.

    NB is proof of backlash of not listening to the voters. Hydro asset sale to QC was fatal.

    Dalton ramping up the Hydro bills for Windmills is going to be fatal.

    You can't keep squeezing families and not expect a tax revolt.

  8. Whatever. You're still the very definition of a troll, in this context. An Open Mike would give Harper hives... or rather, hides. And the wedge is the only club in the Conservatives' bag. What are you doing here on this issue, anyway: aren't you supposed to be scaring people about all the unreported crime, today? Booga-booga.


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