Monday, September 27, 2010

"c" is for Copenhagon and Cancun.

The disaster that was the climate change Copenhagen meeting now has an identical twin named Cancun. Now we can relieve Harper's attempt to do nothing. We can see Harper try to stop any sort of deal that would require him to actually care about the environment. Now to be fair many countries do come to Copenhagon to do something, and hope that a big deal was made. The fact is we are progessing in making a deal, but it will be after Cancun. World leaders are going to this meeting to try to not do something there, but to again build a foundation that will maybe create something there. This doesn't seem to promising. With Kyoto expiring in 2012 the question is will we put tougher targets in are new deal or will we go for lower targets than the Kyoto one fo a future date.
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