Thursday, September 23, 2010

poker face= don't ask don't tell

Lady gaga a very popular singer in North America was fighting to get senators to vote to continue discussing a bill that would repeal the in just law of don't ask don't tell. Her effort although good was not strong enough to get the bill up for a vote.The policy don't ask don't tell was implemented in 1993 as a compromise by Bill Clinton to allow gays in the military only if they stay in the closet. This was because before 1993 gays where not allowed to join the military, and before that being gay was considered a mental illness n the military. The vote was taken September 21. 56 voted to allow the debate 43 voted against.It won the majority , but in order to allow the debate to continue you need 60 votes.
See Lady Gaga's message here
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  1. She made more sense and spoke more intelligently than most of the Senators and Congressional Members in DC these days.

    It may be easy for people to make fun of her efforts . . . even I, as a gay man who once served in the US, rolled my eyes when I first heard about it.

    But she makes sense and speaks plainly. I'm proud of her for that.


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