Friday, September 17, 2010

Saving lives makes you elite?

John Baird, the government house leader, has said that he is disappointed that the gun registry was saved by the "Toronto Elites." Apparently, saving the gun registry somehow makes you an “elite.”  The fact is, doctors support the gun registry. Does that make doctors “elites?” That would also mean that the RCMP, police chiefs and doctors are all “elites.” Apparently, wanting to save lives makes you that. I hate it when some people just use the term “elite” as if that is an actual legitimate response. John Baird should know that many people in Canada believe the gun registry is a smart move and to call a big chunk of Canadians elites makes no sense. The registry works and no matter how much Baird may call gun registry supporters "elites" won’t change the fact that this registry is a needed part of safety.
OTTAWA—The federal government has opened a new front on the war over the long-gun registry, blaming Toronto “elites” for driving support for the registry at the expense of rural Canadian gun owners.
With Parliamentary support for killing the registry slipping away, Conservative House Leader John Baird blamed politicians in Canada’s largest city for pressuring colleagues into changing their positions in advance of a crucial vote in the House of Commons next week.
Read more at the Toronto Star.


  1. Who's life was saved by the registry? Not the victims or innocent bystanders of the nightly gangland shootings in Toronto, Winnipeg or Vancouver.

  2. RR - there are NOT nightly "gangland" shootings in ANY Canadian city. That would be in the USA - your conservative dreamland.

    HW: I have problems with the whole tossing around of the word "elite". Elite means "good" - the "best of the best". There is NOTHING wrong with society aspiring to be the best, or better. Drs, by the very nature of their work and education ARE elite... And I'm DAMNED glad my Dr is "elite". I don't want a high school dropout advising me on my health. We want a whole lot more elite in Canada. We want Canadians to reach and aspire to be the best... to spend more time in school. We need to increase the education level of Canadians...

    The Conservatives would love to create the "Idiot Nation"... the "culture of stupid". They want to dumb down discourse to the level they are comfortable with - where they can twist the truth/lie and convince the masses (once dumbed-down) that what they say is just as valid as the views of Liberals and New Democrats, Center and Left (which are backed by tons of research and educated findings)...

    Time for the elite of this land to step forward and start calling out the "stupid". It is already happening on this Long Form Census file...

  3. ps: Great post, by the way... I hear what you're saying...

    Another ps: Seems like Ridenrain is the ONLY Conservative on the Blogs these days (Oh, and CanadianSense). Nice having a fulltime job that must pay to post to blogs... lol... Conservative HQ must be empty these days, with all the staff out finding new ways to threaten rural Liberal and NDP MPs on the gun registry issue...

  4. To believe registering long guns saves lives,
    is to believe registering your vehicle or boat or quad, saves lives.

    The only thing the LGR does, is give cops a number to trace AFTER a crime has been committed.

    But heh, if Liberals can get the Hell's Angels and street gangs to register their weapons,
    I'm all in.

    Until then, this is a Liberal Dipper fight to win the hearts and minds of the 3 big cities,
    and nothing more.

  5. You didn't answer the question. Who's life has the registry saved?
    $2 billion dollars later, the next Marc Lepine can still take the tests, fill out the forms, pay the taxes, and taxes, and taxes and still commit the same grizzly acts. The registry has done nothing.

    The targeted hit in Abbotsford this week was done by drug gangsters who don’t register their guns. The man shot to death at the family BBQ last week in Toronto was also killed by gangsters who don’t register their guns either. Surely I don’t need to go back farther into the news to find more gangland shootings to remind you that these people are criminals and they are already outside the law. The registry does nothing to them.

    As for being a “Conbot” and spending all day reading these blogs.. Pfttt.
    Maybe if some of you stopped drinking the red kool-aid for a while, you’d start to see the huge gaps in logic that the rest of us see.

  6. Again... Even in Abbotsford (the Canadian "crime capital", by the way), there are NOT shootings every night, let alone "gangland shootings". Even in the current dispute two gangs in the city, the shootings are barely monthly. Oh, and the circumstances are different in a city that sits on the US border... guns trickle through via smuggling all the time. Still, these guns are only visible during highly publicized "gang crimes" which get more airplay than they should - considering the gangs only tend to kill each other (good riddance). Look at stats - you'll see that more BCers end up vicitms of privately owned guns/long guns...

    Gun registration DOES save lives. It's proven, and the Police back it...

  7. I will concede that the frequency of the shootings is exaggerated but I question your rationalization that these are simply criminals shooting criminals. An odd, dismissive tone from the side that's saying that any cost and all citizens rights are worth one life. Aside from the "proven guilty" necessity, you ignore the innocent bystanders like Jane Creba.

    So far, registry supporters have been unable to prove any example of lives being saved by the registry. It was been proven by the Toronto city "safe streets" project, that the registry is simply a tool for confiscation. The police simply used the registry to track down and confiscate over a thousand firearms from owners who's only crime was to let their registry entries lapse. We are told that they were given a choice to renew but Toronto city columnist Joe Fiorito definitely paints another picture. Their property was seized, no charges laid and there was no effect on crime because these were already law abiding citizens.

  8. WesternGrit You are right about wanting everyone being "Elite". I think I made it look like being one was wrong, but I feel too that teaching children to be the best is the right think to do.


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