Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Gun registry is safe and here to stay.

Jack Layton the leader of the NDP has stated just recently that his party has enough votes to keep the gun registry. This means that on the vote on semptember 22nd with the Bloc and Liberals whipping the vote and the NDP leader gathering enough votes to join them to keep them gun registry. Now I would have liked it more if no one whipped the vote, but I cangratulate the NDP leader for not whipping the vote and taking the intiative to gather the party together to keep the registry. The point of this is that our gun registry is staying to save Canadian lives of everyone.


  1. I'll bet Jack whipped the vote but they are not telling

  2. If they don't tell and can punish anyone because of that then the vote isn't whipped.

  3. And get the NRA out of Canada while you're at it!

  4. Maybe if people were actually told the truth about the problems of the registry it may not be an issue. I am puzzled why the costs are so high, no one has said.
    More importantly why is there such oposition to registering a gun especially handguns, don't we register cars, are guns not more dangerous than guns?
    I think the politicians have deliberately muddied the waters and they need to be cleaned up.


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