Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Palin Presidency? don't make me laugh!

A poll made by CNN shows that if an election was held today 45% of registered voters would vote for Obama, While 50% of registered voters said that they would vote for the G.O.P nominee. Seems good number for palin right? Like all polls when you don't actully give the name it becomes a little less reliable. When Palin was put up against Obama that 5 point lead melts away to an 8 point deficit. 51% a majority would prefer Obama over Palin who only has 42%. Even when Obama is way down in the polls the truth is Palin although very popular in the right isn't a strong challenger against Obama. If the republicans in 2012 elect someone too far to the right it seems the rest of the public won't chew on it very well.

According to the Politico poll, if the 2012 presidential election were held today and Palin was the GOP nominee, 42 percent say they would definitely, probably, or maybe vote for the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, with 51 percent saying they would definitely, probably or maybe vote for Obama. Eight percent are undecided.
Fifty-eight percent of those questioned say Palin's actions since stepping down as Alaska governor in the summer of 2008 have made them less likely to vote for her if she runs for president, with 31 percent saying her actions have made them more likely to support her.
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  1. Will she quit two years into the Presidency?

  2. That pollster must be just about as accurate as angusreid which I believe is originating from India ... and Ipsos Reid which is known for stretching the Cons numbers... something like good old MaBell selling a cellphone from India.,,they are all outsourcing to get the results that they want us to swallow.

  3. Anonymous 3:15 care to share any more of your fantasies?

  4. Well Gene, she quit two years into being governor, why would she break with tradition now?

    The only way Palin sees the White House is on a group tour.


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