Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thousand Dollar Glowsticks

Finally! During the G8/G20 summits, the Conservatives realised how much we need glowsticks. In fact, they spent $14 049 on glowsticks! With each glowstick costing about $1.49, this government bought about nine thousand of these things! Why, this is just the kind of fiscal irresponsibility that is typical of this government. With the months ahead of us, we can expect more pointless or pork-barrel spending.
The Liberals are strongly criticizing the federal government over expenses incurred during the G8/G20 summits, which, expenditure reports reveal, included $80 million for food and accommodation, $85,000 for snacks and $14,000 for glow sticks.
"This is totally unacceptable," said Liberal MP Dan McTeague, who tabled the expenditure reports in the House of Commons on Thursday.
Read more at CBC.
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  1. The fact you know about already it is at least a measure that there was some transparency. The money was wasted but not stolen. Libs cannot use this effectively because they chose to steal money that could only be uncovered by a massive enquiry. Even then Liberals lied under oath.

    That is the problem they have and it is why unfortunately it won't stick.

  2. I think this one will stick. I, for one, know many people who are hungry, struggling day to day to meet payments, clothe their kids and find work. So this "fiscally conservative" government, that wants smaller government, can waste millions and expect the middle class to just forget it! For a 3-day affair, which had little or no benefit to the world, they sure had fun with their glowsticks, eating and snacking sumptuously and using scarce resources in all their cars. I would be curious to know how much was spent by the delegates from other countries, or did Canadian taxpayers pay their bills, too. I cannot imagine how the Canadian delegation could have eaten $80,000,000 worth of food in 3 days.

  3. @comment 1: Ha! There was some lack of oversight during a previous Lib. gov't means voters will have to overlook any economic incompetence on the part of this gov't.... forevermore?! Sorry, but it doesn't have to / it won't work that way: the Lib supporters who sat out, spoled ballots or switched votes the last two elections over that will come back to the fold, now, and now it's the Cons. voters who'll stay home in disgust. And the fact that they only turned over the documents months later after a Freedom of Information request, and filibustered a Committee hearing to avoid it, hardly counts as being transparent. Nice try, I supposed, but it'd be far more honest -- and refreshing -- to either say nothing or to concede that it does look bad and you hope they get to the bottom of it -- as Paul Martin himself did (even if that was for the wrong reasons).


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