Monday, September 27, 2010

Town Hall

There is going to be an open town hall today in Montreal. Michael Ignatieff will be there. I plan to attend this meeting. Anyone is allowed to attend live, or view the live blog on the website. It will be possible to ask questions online. It is completely free for everyone. However, you do have to RSVP on the Liberal website. Hope to see you there!
This summer, Michael Ignatieff travelled 57,000 kilometers -- visiting every province and territory -- on the Liberal Express. Now he's continuing to listen to Canadians at "Open mike" town halls across the country, leaving the microphone open so Canadians like you can share your views and ask questions on the issues you care about. Ready to take questions from audience members both live and online, Michael Ignatieff is waiting to hear from you.


  1. Perhaps you guys can stop telling everyone how many kilometres Iggy has traveled. Yeah, we know .. big country .. bus .. we get it.

  2. Hope Cauchon can take Outremont back from the NDP.

  3. At Anon 1: Perhaps you guys could concentrate on improving the country instead of spying on and trying to demoralize your enemies all the time. Get a grip: Nixon is _not_ a healthy model to be emulating and following. Your guy's disturbed... and you're lemmings.


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