Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Protest on mosque all over U.S

I think we all know about that mosque protest. The one that protest having a mosque in the state of Tennessee, California, and of course New york. In Tennessee A proposed mosque has been targeted with protest in Murfreesboro City hall. In the city the Muslim population has doubled so why can't they have a mosque? A protestor said that the "They seem to be against everything I believe in and I don't want them nessecerally in my neighbourhood spreading that type of comments". Apprently this man doesn't want a religon that promots peace in his neigbourhood. In Sacremento a pig was left at a mosque saying "Remember 9/11" "No mosque in NYC". Again People like in NYC have been painting Islam with a very broud brush. Saying that 9/11 was because of the religon. The thing is that people who did that horrific act on 9/11 where extremist of the religon that Islam the real part of the religon doesn't support.

See more here about Sacramento 

See more here about Tennessee 


  1. Americans are against the burning of the Koran because they do not want it in their neighbourhoods or near Ground Zero. C'est la vie!

  2. The Muslim and Obama caused this new hatred them selves. You can't force things on us any longer.

  3. Hopefully the progressives never give up forcing things down our throats. Then we can vote them into extinction.


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