Friday, September 03, 2010

Another Rig Explodes

Another rig has exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Luckily, the company was able to shut off the oil flow to avert a huge leak like the BP spill. This is another example of why we should reduce our dependence on oil. Along with the unconventional methods now used to extract oil out of the ground comes great destruction to the environment. Investing more in renewable energy, and a carbon tax is the way to reduce our dependency on oil.
ATLANTA — The opening scene was all too familiar. Black smoke rising from a burning oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico and workers plucked from the sea. But Thursday's fire on an oil production facility 100 miles off the Louisiana coast appears to have ended without disaster.
None of the 13 workers on board the platform were injured. The Coast Guard found no evidence of an oil leak, and by Thursday afternoon the fire was out.
Read more at the Times Colonist.

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