Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Technology will save lives.

This issue can be ignored for much longer, because we need to have a patient computer base available to all doctors. When someone goes to a doctor with a problem he first must write out a form, and he has to write the same form every single time he comes back. With this the patient is tested again to see what he has. We should have a system that if a person goes into the hospital they already know he is diabetic and needs medical attention. We have a phone book that tells use everyone's phone number and we have a database for every car in Canada. Then why not for the more important issue are health? It saves paper, less need for repetitive tests ,helps are doctors with less time wasting per patient and makes are visit fast and much more pleasant.
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  1. Careful!!! Sounds too much like that "evil" registry! Lol... Just kidding (although the principle's the same)... I totally agree with your thoughts on this...


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