Sunday, September 26, 2010

Elite Insults

The term "elite" has been recently used a lot as a political insult. One example of throwing this term around would be the Conservative party. They have used it as a synonym for "bad." However, we cannot live in a society without elites. We need to recognize that a society cannot work without elites, people who know how to do things that we don't. After we do just that, we will know how to make Canada a better place to live in.
The elites are on a roll these days.
In just the last week, their Toronto chapter foiled the Canadian government's plan to kill the long-gun registry, even as one of their number — a Harvard educated Bay Street executive — was named the Prime Minister's chief of staff.
In Britain, the race to lead the Labour Party boiled down to a nail-biter between two Oxford-educated brothers, David and Ed Miliband.
Read more at the National Post.
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  1. Yeah, these days, the Con-men only acknowledge, and indeed exalt, the wisdom of exactly two elite experts:

    Gary Mauser, a hack marketing professor from a 2nd-rate university who's bootstrapped his way into becoming a self-professed expert on the folly of control all over the world by cherry picking the stats; and

    - the 'Spare No Expense for Me & My Cronies' clown who they appointed to head up the two back to back billion dollar security tabs, whose "expert advice" Steamboat Tony relied on to rubber-stamp some of the ridiculous expenditures you can see enumerated here:

  2. The Conservative communist proletariat hate the Bourgeoisie elites of Toronto.

  3. Sorry, but your definitely of elite seems to be a bit out of touch. In the context it should be used in (i.e.: elitist) we can certainly do without the elites of society and survive just fine, even thrive.


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