Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NDP Loses in New Poll

A Harris-Decima poll suggests that the Liberals and Conservatives are basically at a tie, with 30% and 33% respectively, while the NDP had it's worst showing of the year with 14% support. This is obviously because Jack Layton refused to whip the vote on the long gun registry. This earned him a lot of dissatisfaction in urban areas. Anyway, it's good news for us, the Liberal Party of Canada, with a repeated strong showing in recent polls. It also seems like this momentum could continue until who knows when. The Liberal Party is up and ready to go! ThreeHundredEight.com will probably have a projection of seats later today. I will post them if I can.
A new poll suggests support for the NDP has dropped to its lowest level this year amid internal divisions over the long-gun registry.
The Harris-Decima survey conducted for The Canadian Press put the Conservatives at 33 per cent support, three points ahead of the Liberals.
The NDP trailed well behind at just 14 per cent – down six points since April and only three points ahead of the Green party.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.
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  1. Citing an individual poll to demonstrate a shift in a future ballots on a campaign that has not been declared is funny.

    Are the membership and fundraising numbers for the Liberals up or down vs 2009?

    The mythical support you are bragging about for Liberals is based on the worst showing since confederation?

  2. That's true, CS. The news about the NDP drop is interesting and relevant...the 308 stuff, not so much. We all know how Ignatieff is going to fare once the election is called (even without the backstabbing that is guaranteed to happen), and it won't be pretty...


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