Friday, October 29, 2010

Arctic Arms Race

The purchase of the F-35s could cause an Arctic arms race with Russia, and we all know who has more weapons, more military personnel and more purchasing power. Besides, it would hardly help relations if we started an arms race. The F-35s would also be useless in the scenario in which we have war with Russia. Russia would invade with thousands of planes, probably provoking a reaction from the United States. This 16 billion dollars could be better spent on other things, like health care, education and maybe, more search-and -rescue planes to help save lives, not harm relations. The F-35 deal is a waste of money and should be reconsidered for another plane.
OTTAWA — A government purchase of F-35 fighter jets could cause "angst in Russia" and trigger an Arctic arms race, Arctic sovereignty expert Michael Byers said Thursday.
"I don't want my country to be the country that starts an Arctic arms race," Byers said as debate over the government's plan to spend $16 billion on 65 of the F-35s raged on several fronts on Parliament Hill.
Read more at the Calgary Herald.


  1. Stupidest thing I have heard this week.

  2. Not to mention it might antagonize Arab Emeritus Airlines into putting even more bombs and illegal refugees on board. We'd never catch them in the Otters and left-over Sea Kings that the liberals left for us.

  3. Micheal Byers? Left-wing political science professor at UBC and failed NDP candidate? Oh yeah, he's really an 'expert' on Arctic sovereignty, all right...


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