Sunday, October 24, 2010

Forget the Senate and the House.

In the U.S there is major talk over senators and congressman, but these chambers although one of the most important are shadowing a very important area. This is the governors and guess what 37 governors are up in this election. The current split in the governors race is 26 Democrats and 24 Republican. Current prediction show that there is 6 continuing Republicans with 10 solid seats that means predicting minimum 16 Republicans. Democrats have 7 continuing governors and 3 solid seats predicting 10 Democrats. With 24 seats either leaning or tied. 3 are leaning Democrats, 8 Republican Leaning seats and 13 seats up in the air. Doing the math 24 Republican governors are either continuing, solid and Leaning seats, while Democrats in the same category only 13 seats.  Looking like the Republicans will sweep it big, but again like the senate and the house there are enough swing seats to have 26 Democrats. Why does it matter which party has more governors. Governors have an amazing power where they can like the Missouri Governor put it up in a referendum. Obama's health care bill was put up in some states on whether to repeal minor parts of the bill. In the U.S states have much power over what happens. If  many governors are against Obama agenda it won't really matter somewhat what Obama passes, because some of it might not even get into some states.

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