Friday, October 01, 2010

New Governor General

David Johnston has now been officially installed as Canada's governor general. I'm sure that he will be a great representative of the Queen, but, as Jeffrey Simpson notes, it will be hard for him to follow Michaelle Jean. But, also, he will bring with him a new way of being a governor general that we will see in time.
On this day, when David Johnston becomes the new Governor-General, Canadians can thank recent prime ministers for their outstanding appointments to that office.
No slight is intended to previous occupants of the post or to prime ministers who appointed them in signalling for special merit Jean Chrétien’s selection of Adrienne Clarkson, Paul Martin’s choice of Michaëlle Jean and, now, Stephen Harper’s pick of Mr. Johnston.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.
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  1. This 'guy' may well be a great Canadian who would be GG even if the office was an elected position. The fact remains that he is tainted by failing to recommend a full and vigorous investigation of the Mulroney-slash-Airbus thing, where "full" would include linkage and cooperation with German investigators.

    It's hard, at least for me, to avoid the conclusion that he has been rewarded.

  2. "...been rewarded." - Maybe, but at his age, w. all the good jobs he's had, it's not like he needs the money or was really looking for another career, is it? And besides, do you really think it matters, when even the Lib. apptd GG already made prob'ly the most hotly-contestable call that could come up.... in their favour... how could a more Harper-friendly appntee do any worse?


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