Monday, October 04, 2010

Tea party distroy's GOP chances

Ever since tea party candidates where winning primaries people have been talking about whether they would get elected. Well they may energize the very right wing base, but for the independents and the moderate left are being turned off. In Delaware Christie O'Donnell the tea party candidate won the primary and the first poll came out in Delaware showed she was behind by 15%. To be fair to the tea party O'Donnell has multiple scandals on her. Another example in NY. David Patterson left the government accused of corruption and very unpopular. His second in command ran for the job and now, because of the tea party candidate Carl Paladino  Andrew Cuomo is leading by 15%. In Kentucky Rand Paul the tea party candidate is tied 46%-46% in a state that voted against Obama by a margin 57% McCain to 41% Obama. In Nevada Harry Reid the democratic senate majority leader who is very unpopular ,because of his support of all Obama policies. He is tied with the tea party candidate rather being very behind like he was in the beginning. Now this may not be true is some areas,but the Tea party might guarantee the majority stay with the democrats.
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  1. Tea party destroy's GOP chances

  2. Tea Baggin' Rubes, Gawd love em'

  3. In all honesty, the Tea Party may destroy the chances of a few select candidates, like the ones you mentioned (Paladino, Angle, Paul and O'Donnell, but also others like Miller in Alaska), but the majority of GOP races are being buoyed by them. The enthusiasm of the Tea Party is so strong that the GOP, still the most distrusted American political party, could flip up to 60 seats. That's hardly something to scoff at.

  4. Actually, it's quite easy to scoff at a bunch of people who claim to "want their country back" when they sat on their arses for eight years while Bush ran up record debt, lowered taxes while two unfunded wars were waged.

    Then a black man tried the same thing.

  5. True Volkov it's not all parts of the country, but the fact is that the democrats is some circumstances are going to get back in power , because of the tea party. Now again this is all depending if the not so energized left wing base are going to vote, but I think that Democrats have a good chance of winning the senate and a strong fight to get the house.


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