Monday, October 25, 2010

The Arctic Continues to Melt

While Canada is busy doing nothing on climate change, the Arctic is heating up. The Arctic is losing its most recognizable property, sea ice. As we move into the future, temperature will continue to increase everywhere in the world with horrible consequences. Climate change might cause a slightly larger growing season in small areas, but crops in other areas will suffer almost complete eradication. Sea level will rise, evicting many inhabitants of shore in the world. Canada's geography will be completely altered in the north. Biodiversity will be lost. To combat this, the Tories must accept bigger GHG reduction targets. But, they never will and that's why we need a new government.
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  1. But the Arctic has been melting continuously since the end of the last glaciation 20,000 years ago. Why would you expect it to stop? I would guess there is hardly a climate scientist in the world who would expect it to stop. If it ever does stop melting, perhaps that might signal the beginning of the next glaciation. Still it would likley take another 20,000 years to return to it's previous state. We've got lots of time. I don't think the Tories need bigger GHG targets. Lol!

  2. And thus speaks the anonymous moron.


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