Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Thou shalt not Attack Another Republican."(Reagan)

Reagan once made his own 11th commandment that "Thou shall not attack another Republican". Yet this year Republicans are fighting more and more against each other. All over the country Republican primaries where getting nasty against each other. In some cases like in Delaware the incumbent Republican said he won't campaign for the winner Christie O'Donnell. Now in Nevada a third party candidate is running with a tea party platform and is hurting Sharon Angle chances in Nevada. The republicans as some would say are taking a purity test to only get very right wing and expelling moderates from the party. John McCain a "maverick" almost didn't win against the the more right wing candidate. John McCain during the campaign has moved more to the right which some would say was the only way for him to win. With this so called "Purity test" some tea party candidates might win, and that could cause even more if possible partisan in Washington on Obama's agenda.
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  1. Tea Baggers, screw the lot of them.


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