Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nobel peace prize

The noble peace prize is being given out this week. The question I have is who is getting it this year? I think Oslo could do a bit better than Barack Obama last year. I think they should give it to someone who atually did something. I think there are many people who deserve this award who haven't been given it. Bill clinton for his attempt to make peace with the Olso agreement, and for his fund to help people in Africa and his call to help aid in Haiti.Bono for his efforts to help and aid Africa and maybe Oprah winfery someone who has helped people in troubeling countries has created a school in Africa for women and has donated lots of money to help people in need. I think any of these people deserve the peace prize and probably many more people. I do hope this year that they will award ay of these people who have done lots and shouldn't wait any longer for a prize they deserve.

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  1. We'll see who they pick this year, but Obama certainly was deserving of the award.


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