Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Legaliziing Pot is Hard.

In the beginning (may) Prop 19 was ahead by 15%, but with major lack of funding of this issue the lead even though staying stable has now as the last weeks of the campaign hit in the polls show a tight race. Current polls have it losing by 1%, but there is still hope survey USA has it at a 5% lead. There is still the one doubt that may just break Prop 19 chances. Voter turnout. Older people in California are much against Marijuana even in the beginning have a tendency to vote, but Younger voters are for the legalization of pot all the way throw and have the tendency not to vote. The Youth need to vote! With that this could get to one very tight and close referendum to legalize pot. I support the legalization of pot in California, and I think if Prop 19 passes it will help regulate pot to be safer than it is when it is illegal. It will when passed help bring in revenue to the state with the worse budget shortfall. It will give relief to police men who can start working on real crime. Above all cigarettes and Alcohol is more dangerous and addicting then Marjuiana, which by the way is less addicting then coffee.

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