Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Election could mean new leaders.

I was reading the gazette this morning and I saw an very interesting opinion section made by Ian Macdonald. He motioned how all our current leaders leadership may expire by the next election. If Harper wins the election Ignatieff is gone and if Ignatieff wins Harper is gone . Now this is not surprising, but Ian then stated that unless Harper gets a majority he is out.Now I think that even if Harper wins a smaller minority he will still be leader, because if right after an election the party switches leaders than the new guy would look like he cheated to get elected. If Harper doesn't get a majority he could stay leader, but would Harper want to stay at his job, and would his party not maybe try to push him into leaving "willingly". Ignatieff is simple a government or your out. If Ignatieff losses the election but grew in seats it would depend if he makes a coalition government or if he makes the result close enough that the he can wait multiple month till the fall of the government. if there is an election now this will be Jack Layton's 4th election. He may have risen the party to 37 nearly record high, but polls showing Jack Layton will shrink the party almost all what he increased. If Jack Layton doesn't increase his poll numbers he will be gone. Ian mentioned that Gilles Duecepe will be gone as he is bored. Gilles Dueceppe is the only maybe here, because Dueceppe was once at 38 seats and he still stayed leader. Dueceppe might just want to leave, because he has been in Parliament for a long time, and he might just want to go home, but Dueceppe has stayed for long times so I wouldn't call anything on him yet. Elisabeth is also up she has to get a seat or it might be goodbye for her. If an election is called we might have as up as 5 new party leaders.


  1. I think that's both silly and stupid.

    I would flat out strongly object to any push to remove Iggy so long as any forward progress (more seats) is being made, the Tories could stay in power but just so long as the goal line is closer... seriously, jumping leaders every election will just leave the party poor (donation money going to leadership campaigns instead of the party), disorganized (new guys on top meaning changes meaning turnover, meaning initial disorganization), divided (leadership camps) and unfit. What's worse the Tories would gleefully watch as the LPC is forced to hold it's nose and support their agenda in the interim. C'mon, even John Turner got two kicks at the can. A little stability please.

    I doubt Harper leaves either, I don't see anyone on that side of the aisle with the moxie to try and force him out if they win another minority, he'll leave if they lose power thou, I can't see him wanting to go back to opposition leader.

    Layton is Layton... who cares what he does.

  2. Iffy win? Ha

    More like he'll lose you Fibs more seats, just like Dion before him.

  3. I agree with Anon 3:08 PM

    We can't just change leaders every election. That's a stupid thing to do. It leaves the party with no resources. Every leader has a learning curve. If we lose the next election, Ignatieff should stay.

  4. I don't think the party will decide M. Iggy's future if he is not the PM (by any means) after the next election - it will be him. He is far too important and educated to be relegated to Opposition Leader for another cycle - just ask him. Didn't you hear his forlorn musing about not gaining traction with the general public?

  5. In all elections from 1993-2000 the PC party changed leaders every election. The reform/canadian alliance changed about the same. I am not saying that just , because a leader losses he is out, but rather the history looks like it can happen. I do think Ignatieff should get a second chance if he doesn't win. I don't like how currently parties kick out leaders just because someone losses an election.


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