Sunday, October 31, 2010

China Lives the Train

Mitch Moxley traveled to China to experience the Chinese train. According to his article in the Globe and Mail, it's very different form Canadian trains. It's like a mini village. Everyone is always busy doing something, socializing or doing whatever. The train is a popular way to travel and it its getting faster in China as the country is committed to expanding its high speed rail network. The train truly plays a big part of people's lives in China. In Canada, what the government can do is decrease travel time by train and start building high speed rail if it wants to attract people to take a better way to travel.
By 7 a.m., the train is alive. Old men climb from their berths, stretch and yawn. Young women shuffle to the steel sinks at the end of the car to brush their teeth. The televisions mounted to the walls of each cabin are soon turned on – at full volume – playing a low-budget Chinese historical epic. Before long, the grumpy attendants are back pushing carts down the aisle, selling fruit, toothbrushes and fried chicken in vacuum-sealed packages.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.
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  1. India is the same... Trains are the best people movers...


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