Friday, October 22, 2010

Tea Party Vs. Republican Party

 A bit of a battle in Alaska for the senate race the tea party candidate Joe Miller. In the primaries Joe Miller had a tough battle to get ride of the republican incumbent . He got help from the former governor of the state Sarah Palin. In second place for the general election isn't a democrats it's Murkowski. She was the incumbent who got defeated by Joe Miller. She has not created her own party, but rather she is a write in Candidate. Instead ticking the name of any of the candidates that are on the list. People have to write her name correctly and send it in. It's a bit extra work, but sometimes it has worked, and especially in Alaska where her name is known well and where the population is in very small community. A poll shows it at a dead heat 37% Murkowski and 37% Joe Miller. This will be a race to watch for two reasons.First to see if Palin still has strength in her own state and to see whether the right wing state of Alaska will vote for a tea party candidate.

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