Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obama why repeal what you support.

The courts of the U.S have the control to abolish laws that are unconstitutional. One of which was the don't ask don't tell policy that Obama wants gone. A court has stated and ruled that the current policy that denies Homosexuals isn't constitutional. Then Obama who I thought supported the repeal of this law is calling for an appeal. This appeal should be stooped the terrible policy of don't ask don't tell is gone, and Obama wants to stop the ruling to say that the congress should abolish the law. Obama if the congress was that good with repealing this law than maybe it would not have to go to the courts, but Obama the senate vote was 57 yea 41 nay and even though that is a majority it isn't enough to repeal the law. Obama should be celebrating this ruling and congratulating how the courts did there duty of differentiating the constitutional and the non constitutional.It is time to stop the discrimination let the policy go Obama.

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  1. I was going to try to explain it, but someone else did it for me ;):

    BTW, it cuts me to the bone that this policy is still in place. I am gay and served in the US military policy. I left on my own accord (didn't tell until I was already leaving) because even at a young age I sensed that such a bizarre policy would take its toll on me personally over time and might end my career at any moment no matter how well I performed my duties. Sadly, I witnessed that my decision was right when a good friend - a doctor - had that happen to him years into his career simply because he had a partner (still does) and someone decided viciously to expose the fact. The consequences by which he was confronted were counter to everything stated in the "DADT" policy, but he was so stunned at being cornered by his commander just as the commander were leaving for a new assignment (as was my friend), that he admitted it - effectively ending his career or setting up a lengthy legal battle that he wasn't prepared to launch.

    I left the military nearly 20 years ago, just after the policy was announced. My buddy was kicked out less than 5 years ago after 15 years of stellar service.

    I want this policy to end so badly that I cried tears of rage and sadness even after all this time when the vote failed just to START debate in the Senate last month (another Republican filibuster). However, there is a reason it is being appealed. The only way to truly end an issue like this in which there is a signed law in place is either have congress fully repeal it or have the Supreme Court issue a final ruling.

    It would only set up heartache later to let a lower court ruling stand on such a contentious issue. It would only be a matter of time before - perhaps within days or weeks - before another lower court would issue an opposing order. Gays in the military would be caught in the middle and many would lose their careers precisely because of the back and forth of competing and contradictory rulings.


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