Monday, October 18, 2010

Bringing out the vote!

In the last 2006 midterm the voter turnout was 40% in 2008 the presidential election the number was 56.8%. As you can see a clear significant margin. Some people find it more Important to vote in who becomes the president, and maybe less about midterms for senators and congressman. This is always trouble , because which ever party is more energized in the midterm election will go out and vote while the not so energized base makes the bigger part of the 17% loss. With this the midterm vote isn't proportional, and leans more to the not energized base. This of course is referring to the Democrats problem in the midterm election. In this midterm election youth voter turnout might face the most severe decrease, and youth vote tends to vote more left, while older voters will have the least severe drop as they tend to be more reliable voters that tend even in 2008 vote right wing (2008 election McCain 51% Obama 48%). If democrats want to win or at least maintain the majority they must either do one of two bring out the not energized base, or take votes from former Republicans. Neither of these choices are promising to work very well, but the first option is the only hope that can work. The Democrats must try to re grab the 2008 voters that brought in during the 2008 election. I saying that they should try to get the 30-64 age group that have a tendency to vote more than youth and that voted with Obama in 2008. The Democrats should still try to get out the youth vote, but they should still look more at the older groups. They will need a certain amount of youth vote to come out while still getting a lead on older age groups to win. It is still a shame that some young people don't vote that some politicians will ignore the youth vote I think that if the youth vote more election campaign will be different, so I urge the youth vote to go out and vote to show that they care about the election.

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