Friday, October 22, 2010

Artic ice is melting at almost record rate.

The Arctic as we all know is the part of the planet that will be effected the most by climate change. In the first half of this year Arctic melting is almost at a record high pace. In Northern Canada monthly ratings show that the temperature is 4 degrees above average. Greenland has had the hottest air temperature recorded ice caps in Greenland has been breaking out (ex: the largest ice glacier loss for the country occurred this summer at Petermann Glacier which was about 3 times bigger than Manhattan).Now what will 4 degrees in the north do to us here? Last winter has had major snow storm to the mid Atlantic and northeast part of the U.S, because of higher Arctic temperature. Since the colder air is usually held up in the Arctic it doesn't go south, but because of Arctic melting the cold air went down to the south. We need to stop this trend! This report only proves again that Climate change is real.

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