Monday, October 04, 2010

Imam's Speech Cancelled

Defence Minister Peter MacKay has cancelled an imam's speech at National Defence HQ. This imam is the executive director if the Canadian Islamic Congress and according to MacKay, his organization's vies are too "extremist." The extremism being something a former executive director said six years ago and subsequently resigned from his position. As usual, the government does not show any respect for the facts. These comments, said six years ago, do not represent the organization. Not only this, but the imam only found out that his speech was cancelled when reporters called him. The Tories not only show disrespect for the facts but also to a Canadian. This is a continuing pattern, with Helena Guergis throwing her tantrum in the airport, Blackburn and his alcohol in an airport and even more. Disrespect for us Canadians should not be tolerated.
Defence Minister Peter MacKay has cancelled a public talk by the executive director of the Canadian Islamic Congress, saying his organization is too "extremist."
Read more at the Province.
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