Sunday, October 03, 2010

Enviromentalist groups can be crazy too!

I saw this ad on DR Roy blog and I have too say this ad is the definition of crazy. In the ad it starts with a teacher telling  her students if anyone wants to participate in going green. Then she ask who is going to participate. She then see's that two students don't want to, and says "no pressure". Then she clicks a button and the students who didn't to it blew up. Now this is absolutely crazy and am against 100%. I feel this ad is working against the cause and is showing people that they have to help the environment or they will get killed. Now I think we should ignore ads like this, and understand that they're are better environmentalist groups that are not so crazy, because we don't need another reason for people do nothing about the environment. The idea of helping the environment isn't hard, because if we all take an extra second to help the environment then we can help save the planet and the people in it.

watch ad here Warning this ad is very graphic.


  1. Your first mistake is going to Dr. Roy's - the man is idiocy incarnate...

  2. Dr Roy is not an idiot I may disagree with him , but on this issue he has a point that this is way too far. I may not agree with his opninon on the enviroment, but just because I disagree with someone that doesn't make them an idiot.


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