Thursday, October 21, 2010

Expensive European Missiles

The Conservative government has said it supports a missile defence system in Europe. This is a great idea, if you are playing Civilization IV on easy mode (settler). No AI has the guts to build missiles on their own and you can blow your enemies into oblivion. But, as much as the Harper government wants to pretend, leading a government is very unlike playing Civ IV on settler. Building more arms will just cause other nations to stock up on weapons. It's a continuing circle. What we should be concentrating on right now is disarmament of missiles. With more countries getting missiles, there is more chance for death, even by accidents. There should be no nuclear weapons in the world and minimal ballistic missiles.
OTTAWA — The Conservative government says it supports a European ballistic missile defence system proposed for approval by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the other NATO leaders at a summit in Portugal next month.
Read more at the Calgary Herald.
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  1. Good God, is this guy regressive, or what. He's dialing back the cold war clock back 30 years.... and for whom, his defense industry buds like his new Chief of Staff of Lockheed? Or feathering his own nest / building a golden parachute for his inevitable ouster.


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