Monday, October 11, 2010

Conservatives cuting in the wrong places

The Conservaive Government is fiscally responsible when it comes to destroying are rate of successful information, And is completely crazy when it comes to giving more and more money to oil companies. Stats Canada is now taking off 7 surveys, because they must meet budget cuts. The total savings is 7 million dollars that won't even make a dent on the 55 billion dollar deficit in fact it will contribute to reduce it by 0.001%. Now I understand that making cuts during a deficit is important, but we need important information from stats Canada, and I think that scraping the long term census made already a big dent on information. Now Harper wants to destroy more information.
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  1. slight correction: it's 5, not 7, more surveys to be cut (so far):

    "the Industrial Pollutant Release Survey, and the Quarterly Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Survey, both pilot projects; the National Population Health Survey; the Survey of the Suppliers of Business Financing; and the Survey on Financing of Small and Medium-Sized


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