Thursday, October 28, 2010

Only in Quebec.

The lasted Ekos polls shows that the Conservatives are still ahead of the Liberals by 6%, but some intersting poll numbers from Quebec just made me laugh. The polls had the Bloc ahead at 37% while in second place the Liberals are at 22%, but third place is the Green party at 13%. The Conservatives are at 12% and so are the NDP. Now to be fair the margin of error is 5%, but to have a poll where the conservatives are behind the Green just shows how much people in Quebec hate the Conservatives. Now Liberals have there own problems in BC where the Green party is at 20% and the Liberals are at 19%. Now In BC the margin of error is 10% twice as high then Quebec. Harper will never have a majority when he has to fight the green Party just to get seats in Quebec. Harper might be winning across the country, but here in Quebec Harper is less populare than the Enviromentalist and is just ahead of the "socialist" (as Harper would call them)


  1. Yes, and the Liberal Party in Quebec is polling closer to the Greens than to the Bloc.

  2. The Greens always poll high. Their numbers collapse on election night when voters are confronted with reality in the voting booth.

  3. Not techinacally true, because older voters have the lowest support for the Green party and they tend to vote. The youth on the other have the highest support where you can actually see the Green party being more popular than any other party. The youth tend not to vote so the major supporters of the party don't vote and allow older voters to decide there country for them. If the youth voted you would see these polls a true reality.


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