Sunday, October 03, 2010

Canada is Paying Off it's Debt.

Since the effects of climate change is caused by the more developed countries, and the effects of climate change occur in the more poorer nations the term debt has a new meaning. It is called our ecological debt. As we here in Canada pollute a CO2 that creates the effects of climate change on these nations then we are in a way responsible for them. Which means we are in debt to these nations for letting us pollute to make there lives harder. The Conservative Government is paying off this debt now. 400 million dollars is going to help developing nations like Haiti,Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. I find this a very genouruse gesture that I hope Haper continues.

Canada and other rich countries at last year's Copenhagen climate talks agreed to set up an annual $30 billion global pot for poorer nations to tap into.
— $20 million for the Least Developed Countries Fund;
— $10 million to improve climate research centres in Africa;
— $5 million for various climate-change initiatives in Haiti;
— $7 million for adaptation and food security in Ethiopia;
— $3 million for a Vietnamese climate program;
— $293 million for the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank that funds projects in developing countries;
— $40 million for a World Bank forestry fund;
— $5 million in various small-scale projects; and,
— $18.5 million for the Global Environment Facility.
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  1. I have no difficulty with foreign aid that is accountable. I do not support labeling Co2 a harmful product. I also don't support the theory of CAGW as presented and sold by Gore, Pachuri and alarmists to create a super "Green Fund" from wealthy nations to poor.
    Food security, good governance, education, improved global trade.

  2. $30 billion that's it? That's a drop in the busket. Remember, a couple of years ago david Suzuki was screaming "1% of GDP to save 99% of GDP!" repeatedly like a schoolgirl. That is $15 billion from Canada alone, another $150 billion ferom the USA, another $150 Billion from Japan, another $160 Bil from the EU. That's every year too, and the target was double that amount in 20 years. Now all they have agreed to is a measily $30 billion in total. Ha! Peanuts.

    Climate change is dead folks. Face it.


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