Saturday, October 02, 2010

More Government Secrecy

On Thursday, an aide to cabinet minister Christian Paradis resigned after the Canadian Press found out that he had meddled in four access to information requests. Of course this is after the Tories said a ton on how ministers are responsible for their employees. For example, take the very minister said on ministerial responsibility.
Le principe de la responsabilité individuelle veut que les ministres soient comptables non seulement de leurs décisions comme chefs de ministère, mais également des actes de leurs subordonnés.
But the hypocrisy of the government here is not the issue. It's the recurring theme of this govenment keeping secrets from the public. The government is always behind on the release of documents and always controls which employees talk to the media and the subject. The facts that could come from the release of information is replaced by the Conservative lies. This will continue and worsen if the Conservatives stay in government.
Canada's information watchdog may widen an already lengthy probe into political interference following the abrupt resignation of an aide to a Conservative cabinet minister.
Sebastien Togneri tendered his own pink slip late Thursday after The Canadian Press reported he had meddled in at least four Access to Information Act requests.
Read more at the Toronto Star.

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  1. De facto the Harper Tories have made the PMO supreme. In legal actuality (not an oxymoron)Parliament has the capacity to call anyone they can lay their hands on to a committee of Parliament. Everybody knows that... except the wussy Speaker.

    We need a Speaker who will enforce Parliament's supremacy by imposing penalties on and/or removing privileges from Ministers who failed to accede to Parliament's lawful wishes.


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