Friday, October 15, 2010

Hope for the Future

The world's freshwater supply is getting depleted. Demand will only rise as more of the world develops and the population increases. However, there are desalination plants that remove the salt from sea water. That's all very good except that these plants use enormous amounts of energy that is usually fossil fuels. But, in our own country, a Vancouver-based business called Saltworks Technologies has designed a way to separate salt and water while at the same time, cutting down energy use by half, maybe 80%. This kind of innovation will be important in the next few decades. Water will become valuable and there could be wars over it. This kind of desalination technology, that won't require a lot of energy provides us with hope for the future.
The world isn’t facing a water shortage. Anyone who lives by the ocean knows that.
What we are running short of is fresh water. Only 3 per cent of the water on this planet is considered fresh water, and of that about two thirds is locked up in glaciers.
Most of the rest isn’t close to the people who need it most, with parts of Australia, India and the U.S. southwest being some of the better known water-scarce regions.
Read more at the Toronto Star.

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