Thursday, October 28, 2010

HST Helps BC.

British Columbia like Ontario has implemented the harmonized sales tax. Economist have all said that having a harmonised sales tax is a good idea, because currently in other parts of the country provincial taxes can continue to tax a product again and again then it is taxed one last time when you buy it. With HST you will eliminate this tax on a product and it will help business have more money to invest in Canada. Without HST it will make Canadian business less competitive to foreign industries. Now, because there was a petition made the HST is now being put on a referendum in September. If a simple majority support the destruction of the HST then Campbell said he would get rid of it. First Campbell is the premier he has to help BC even if it unpopular. Second There was a referendum on changing the voting system in BC, and that referendum needed 60%. In 2005 58% of BC who voted supported BC-STV (the new voting system that put up on a referendum). BC should know that the HST will help them, and I hope that they vote no on repealing the HST.

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  1. BC Gordon Campbell announced yesterday that Jan 1 2011,15% lower tax for the middle income earners up to 72.000 which takes care of both the HST and the Provincial sales tax combined at 12 % leaving an extra 3% in your pocket.
    Sounds a lot more profitable then lowering the GST by 2% bragged about their tax cut to the high earners in Canada and big business. Which actually means dick all to the lower tax and wage earners as the rich who can afford the high items get all the breaks again.

    Not here in BC though. Now maybe we can settle down and actually realize how fortunate we are with a BC Liberal government rather then Carole James or a conservative government.


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