Saturday, October 30, 2010

Republicans are big brother.

The Republican party is always saying they are against big Government and at means against Obama, but The Republicans became what they hated the most. In the 6 years Bush had control of all three parts of government he went big government. He made crazy deficits the thing they say would happen if the Democrats get control. This is also true today there is a right wing group asking to put in place a 62 amendment that would make Abortion illegal. That is crazy I think a women has a right to chose, but apparently according to some republicans the government has the right to tell people whether or not they should be able to have an Abortion. The Government has no right to regulate companies, but have the right to tell people is they can have an abortion . I think that it isn't the government's job to tell people if they can or can't have an abortion I believe that a women has the right to chose. Some republicans also believe that same sex marriage should be illegal. Republicans say that they should be able to say who can or can't get married. I think that the Government has no right to tell people they can or can't get married. Apparently some small government people like to impose there believes on others while those big Government people think they have no right to impose there beliefs on others
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