Monday, October 11, 2010

NRA supprts the Republicans and Demorcrats!

In the U.S the National Rifle association a pro gun group has always been maybe seen as a right wing group, but would you be surprised to know that in the past in 2004 the NRA endorsed Harry Reid the democratic majority leader. This year the NRA doesn't support Harry Reid, because he supported the two judges Obama picked. The NRA feels that Obama picks where to anti gun. In the house of reprensentitives the NRA supported 64 democrats for reelection while still supporting 200 republicans. 30 of those democrats are in swing areas where the Democrats are going to need to win to get the Majority of the house. Why would the NRA support Democrats?Well many Dem's in the house voted with the NRA in many tough votes even against Obama, And the NRA wants to support them for there tough votes with them as if they don't they might lose some votes in the next house. The NRA isn't as partisan as we all might think it is just partisan on the issue of the 2nd amendment, and has stated that any candidate that supports or believes strongly about the second amendment would get there support. If the Dem's win the house Ironically Obama should thank the NRA for that.
The gun-rights group has endorsed over 200 Republican candidates for Congress, but it has also endorsed 64 Democrats – including a number of incumbents who Republicans believe may be vulnerable, like Chet Edwards in Texas, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in South Dakota, and Tom Perriello in Virginia.
According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the group has donated $169,500 to Democratic and $350,550 to Republican Congressional campaigns this cycle. Of the ten candidates who got the most, four are Democrats.
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