Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nov 2nd is coming!

The U.S midterm is this tuesday. Tuesday is usauly when most big U.S election are held. This election is as most would say about who gets the house or senate, but who wins Nov 3rd. On Nov 3rd no matter what party wins the election there will still be one big problem. "It's the economy stupid" as Bill Clinton says. The Uneploymeant rate is stuck at 9.5%, the deficit is impossible to tackle without major action, Immigration is crazy with 13 million illegal immigrants, Debt is rising at a rate almost impossible to stop, A baloning price on the two wars, The rising CO2 levels and then there is still all the small issues (Abortion, democratic reform, gun control etc...). If the Republicans win it will be terrible. They wouldn't care for the enviroment and have no real plan to help the economy. Then again the Democrats wound't raise taxes and continue imaginating that the deficit as Reagan would say "I am not worried about the deficit it is so big it can take care of itself". No matter who wins Democrat or Republican the problem in the U.S woun't leave that easy. The best is that the Democrats win they at least have great acomplishment that helped the U.S  (from Health care, wall street reform and at least increasing taxes on the rich). Oh and let us not forget the price tag for this life changing election 4 billion and going.
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