Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Are Immigrants Voting Conservative?

According to this article in the Globe and Mail, yes. This is very surprising as the Liberal party has been THE party of immigrants since a long time ago. However, immigrants, are coming to Canada with more social conservative views. That means that there is more chance that the immigrants will ditch our Big Red Tent for the cold Tories. But, to make things better, the second generation of immigrants, born in this country are more progressive.
And though Helen Poon is giving serious thought to voting Conservative, her 12-year-old son, a proud cadet, has a very different view.
He came home from school one day urging her not to vote Conservative, Ms. Poon said.
In several years, it will be interesting to see what happens to Canada's political landscape. The Liberal party must continue to reach out to sell our message to the new citizens of this country.
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  1. Odd if they are since the CPC supporters are mostly anti-immigrant.

  2. "He came home from school one day urging her not to vote Conservative, Ms. Poon said.

    And I'm sure Ms. Poon took the time to set her child straight, to explain that his most of his teachers have never had a real job and that their opinions on political matters should be kept to themselves. After all, what kind of party appeals to 12-year-olds? One that can't sell to adults, I think.

  3. This is an old fact started by throwing out social conservatives values in regards to SSM and abortion in the 90's.


    This study has been measuring the voters since 2000. The Catholic vote including visible minority vote leaving the Liberals is not a sudden event over some glitzy television ad.

    The CPC have not reduced immigration since winning power in 2006. They will benefit from the social values of traditional family unit.

  4. What are the child's teachers doing promoting their political biases to their students?

    If this was a conservative teacher doing this, you liberals would be screaming interference!

  5. "If this was a conservative teacher doing this, you liberals would be screaming interference!"

    Um, no we wouldn't, I don't think so anyways. Not so long as the teacher wasn't being paid to do it nor directed to do so from a superior. But tell ya what I'll make you a deal... I'll scream interferance and protest this behavior in the classroom (assuming it happened there the articule didn't say that it was a teacher that inspired the boys comment) if you'll scream interferance and protest the tax-exempt status of the Church that urged the mother to vote Conservative as per the story... deal?

  6. Maybe it had nothing to do with the teacher (and what do you mean that's not a real job, you jerk?). Maybe the assignment that day was just to read the paper, and the "proud cadet" learned about how veterans are being ground down by the system, and how they get their privacy violated & their good names smeared when they speak out... and how that's a pattern for this gov't.

  7. As long as it's our side, it's the facts but if it's the other side, it's all lies and propaganda.
    Classic hypocrisy.

  8. wow Ridenrain er... Bill, that is a perfect way of summarizing the Conservative Party.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  9. Who says today's immigrants have more conservative views than the past? Ukrainians immigrants were very liberal? Italian immigrants were very liberal? Talk to some of these older immigrants and see what their views are, because they are not liberal. You are an example of how out of touch Liberals are. First you need to figure out why people are REALLY not voting Liberal, then you can gain power again. With posts like this you're a long ways away!

  10. To the last anon.: meow! I think the pt. is that past polling & election data has shown that, regardless of their personal views, a lot of recent immigrants tended to vote Liberal because that was who allowed them to immigrate here & would be likely to let them bring in their relatives. But now that, despite their rhetoric, the Cons. have just as open a door, that means that new immigrants can vote for both their personal leanings _and_ for their new loyalty to their new sponsors, simultaneously.

    Bawling out these bloggers -- who are just relaying the received wisdom of the paper on that -- as though they represented the braintrust or polling arm of the Party just shows how out of touch YOU are to the political realities of who does what in the political world. But thanks for the self-righteous snark.


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