Thursday, October 07, 2010

Liberal Family Care Plan

The Liberals have introduced a new Family Care plan. This will allow relatives to care for their own family without having to worry about money. This is not only good for caregivers who are always short on change, but also for our healthcare system. With family members able to provide care for each other without severe financial loss, the strain on our healthcare system will be greatly reduced. This is a great initiative for Canada. However, Harper has already changed the channel, saying that a picture of someone smoking in the brochure meant that the Liberals support smoking. That's classic Tory. Changing the topic to avoid their shortcomings. A good response to this excuse for an argument: Liberals care for all Canadians, whether they smoke or not.
Liberals believe family caregivers need to be cared for too. Canadians want choices when it comes to caring for their loved ones, and need help to ease the challenges of family care. That’s why we’ve proposed the Liberal Family Care Plan.
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  1. Uhm, Canada already has this-it is part of E.I. under "Compassionate Care".


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