Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uneducated Decisions

Big news: the Tories don't like facts to affect policy. In protest of this, the union has launched a website called publicscience.ca. There are many examples of the Conservatives' ignoring the facts. My personal favorite is their "tough on crime" stance. The government's own research repeatedly shows that shutting people up in prisons for an elongated period of time makes them many times more likely to commit repeat offences once they get out of jail, therefore delaying, but worsening the problem. Of course Harper doesn't let facts get in his way. Beliefs with no foundation will continue to define the Tories' policy. This must be stopped as soon as possible for the good of Canada.
The union cited the example of the mandatory long-form census, which Stephen Harper's Conservative government decided in June to make voluntary despite opposition from statisticians, opposition politicians and many members of the public.
Read more at CBC.

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