Friday, October 22, 2010

Liberal Openness

Yesterday, the Liberal Party of Canada released a new policy on openness that would allow us to have better access to information. Top of the list in this policy is reinstating the long form census. How can we be provided with information if we don't have any? This policy also includes special websites to help us get the information that we're allowed to get. This is a great way to reinstate real democratic access to information in the Canadian system. Not only will there be more information provided compared to the Harper secrets, but it will be less complicated than going through the bureaucratic system. I'm sure there are a lot of Canadians who don't bother to go through the whole system because they want to see a file. These websites will allow us to get the documents we need, in a rapid manner and for free. When you vote Liberal, you vote for government transparency.lpcopengov
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  1. Liberal? openness?

    Now there is an oxymoron...

  2. I think open government is a great idea, and I hope it goes ahead. However, I think we should think forward when we set out an implementation. We should think how the information would be used, misused, abused, misinterpreted, etc. I also wonder what new metrics (implicit and explicit) this information would drive, and how those metrics will shape our future. I worry that cost-focused information will drive use to reduce costs, without regard to benefits. I worry that benefits will be unfairly compared to alternatives with lower cost (unfairly in that the benefits and alternatives aren`t the same thing). These patterns already occur when information becomes available. Information could be considered a weapon, depending upon who wields it.

  3. Oh Anonymous Coward... Openness and conservatism provokes public laughter. Kind of like Conservative and Hypocrisy work like chocolate and peanut butter.


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