Saturday, October 23, 2010

Short on Money

The Harper government is falling short on its promised contribution to an international climate change fund. Tory sneakiness is the culprit here. It's all in the fine print. Canada will provide the 400 million dollars, but 72% in loans to private companies and only 11% to help developing countries adapt to climate change. The focus should be to help the countries that will bear the brunt of the consequences of climate change, but the Conservative government lending money, with expectations to get it back. We should be donating, or providing grants, not loaning. But, since when have the Conservatives wanted to spend on climate change, something that in their minds doesn't exist.
OTTAWA — The Harper government is falling short on its "fair share" of a $30-billion international fund to deal with climate change, according to a breakdown provided by Environment Canada and a recent analysis by an environmental think-tank.
The government and Canadian environmental groups agree that a $400-million pledge by Environment Minister Jim Prentice is an appropriate amount for the fund, which is being used for climate-change adaptation and clean-energy projects in developing countries.
Read more at the Montreal Gazette.

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