Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Majority Support Long Gun Registry

A new poll carried out by Ipsos-Reid found that two-thirds of Canadians back the long gun registry. What's especially interesting is that the Conservative supporters are the most split on this issue. 53% want to scrap the long gun registry and 47% want to keep it. That's pretty close. But for Conservative voters, this is not an issue that will cause them to lose votes, except for in Quebec. As we can see in recent polls, the NDP is the big loser here, with Conservatives and Liberals using their not-whipped vote to gain support. This might not change things politically, but at least this confirms that Canadians want to hold on to things that define us as Canadian.
OTTAWA — Two-thirds of Canadians support the controversial long-gun registry and even voters who back Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives are split on the issue, a new poll has found.
The national survey conducted exclusively for Postmedia News and Global Television finds that support for the registry stands at 66 per cent nationally. Moreover, support is strong in regions throughout the country — even though Harper has said his party will not "rest" until it abolishes the registry.
Read more at the Province.

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