Friday, October 15, 2010

Steps To Go Third World

3 world countries in Africa are considered 3rd world, because of lack for water. Which means everything in our global economy. If you have oil it means nothing unless you have water to get it. You need water for agriculture. You need lakes or shores for fishing and tourism. If you have none of these you country is doomed to go third world. European countries don't have as much water as North America does, but they have a substantial amount, while African countries have none or extremely minimal. Yet the U.S is allowing companies to pollute lakes rivers and ocean by allowing companies to leak toxic into the water. 40% of rivers and 46% of lakes in the U.S are too polluted to swim, fish or allow animals to survive. The U.S might be heading third world if it doesn't stop allowing companies to pollute in any river they want. Many places in the U.S are trying to preserve there rivers lakes for the future generation. We must make sure that we keep our lakes and rivers clean.
(note: even though rivers and lakes are polluted the tap water doesn't come from there as tap water is regulated to be clean and safe in the U.S)

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