Friday, October 08, 2010

If Only Youth Voted...

Canada's Parliament would be completely different, if only youth voted. People aged 18-24 would elect a Liberal minority government with 104 seats and 23% support. However, the surprise starts now. The Conservatives would be reduced to 46 seats and 18% support. The Bloc would be the Official Opposition with 60 seats and a solid 40% in Quebec with the Liberals second, hovering near 20%. THe NDP would get 18% and 53 seats, and the Green Party would get 22% of the popular vote and 43 seats! This means that the progressive parties need to get the youth to vote in bigger numbers. Last election, only 37% of youth eligible to vote exercised their power. It is essential for the Canadian left to persuade these people, and a good source of support to vote for them. This would completely rupture the Conservatives, who in turn would lose a lot of support. Now imagine, 43 Conservative seats. We would become a role model in the world once again.
Canada’s youth would elect a Liberal minority government, with a substantial increase in representation for the New Democrats, Bloc Québécois, and Greens, according to projections based on recent polls of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 24. The Conservative Party would be severely reduced, virtually wiped out east of Manitoba.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.


  1. You are probably correct but do not count the retirees a as they do not make up excuses on not voting on election day. We need to make sure that they have the means to go to the polls by picking them up and taking them home afterwards. They are also smart enough to know when lies are being used . They are wise enough to know sincerity and how all govs. of past have been and generally will vote for the liberals.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and keep up the great posts. Thank you!!!

  2. if you think Ignatieff is some sort of lefty you've got another thing coming (if he ever gets to be the PM)

  3. You mean the GPC would garner 22% of the vote...

    And yes, progressives seriously need to get the vote out and reach the youth of Canada.

  4. Yeah, thanks Dylan. If the youth voted in higher numbers we would be seeing a better Canada.

  5. just look at the % support in this model vs the actual seats awarded. Not only do we need more youth voting but the system needs to made more represnetative and proportional.

  6. The youth got out and voted Obama in - no everybody is regretting it (even the youth who have no jobs and no prospects).

    Do you ever wonder why youth tends to vote Liberal? Could it be because the are idealistic and don't have real world experience? Since you say older people tend to vote Conservative, what happened to the youth who had previously voted Liberal? Did they wise up as they got older?

  7. To the last (3:50 AM) anon.: sheesh, 'way to "blame the ethnic vote," at it were. Clearly you didn't read, or understand, the post or the article it's based on, which did not say that youth "Tended to vote Liberal" -- the lastest data is that their vote is actually split fairly evenly among all 4 national parties around 20%. It's just that with the distortions of the first-past-the-post system, if they did vote in large numbers, they would dilute the disproportionate influence of the too many scared, bitter & deluded old people who vote Conservative.


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